2023’s Top Celebrity Fashion Trends

Celebrities are more than just well-known names. They’re also trendsetters, icons, and people who don’t just follow beauty standards but destroy them and create their own. If you want to stay on top of fashion, then it’s important to stay on top of these celebrity fashion trends. 

Understanding Celebrity Fashion Trends

A fashion trend is nothing more than what’s popular in fashion at the time. Every decade and culture has its own, and many of them are set by the famous or admired. That’s where celebrities come into the equation. Celebrities don’t just stick with what’s already popular; they tend to experiment and come up with a style that becomes popular. That’s why it’s so important to follow what celebrities are doing if you want to stay at the forefront of popular fashion. 

Celebrity Icons and Their Trends

If you want an idea of what’s popular right now in the world of celebrity fashion trends, consider these great new styles:


Widely known to be able to wear anything and make it look good, Zendaya’s style includes standouts such as the classic sexy suit, combining professionalism and class with a revealing underneath. Go for something bold and unique if you want to stand out the way she does every time she’s on the red carpet.

Sarah Jessica Parker

For something suited for a summer on the red carpet, SJP is bringing black and white maxi dresses to the scene. They’re simple, they flow, and they’ll look good on anybody. If dresses aren’t your style, maxi skirts can be just as good while still allowing you the freedom of what to wear on top.


It’s not all about the clothes, as EmRata proves. Accessories are just as important, such as jewelry. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more can all complete a look in a stunning way.

Elle Fanning

Corsets may seem a little too old-school, but Elle Fanning is bringing them back in a big way. After having to wear them in her role as Catherine in The Great, she grew used to them, incorporating them into her style now.

In contrast, she’s also been setting a much different and more comfortable trend. Her baggy pants are a standout part of her look. At events, she’s even been known to combine her corset trend with her baggy pants trend, standing out in a good way with her combination of casual and classy.

Dua Lipa

One hot modern trend is the addition of chunky sneakers. Dua Lipa has been taking this to a new level with her chunky boots, a perfect addition to the list of fall fashion trends or just a cool way to add some edgy flare to an ensemble. 

Jennifer Lopez

For a casual yet stylish option, you could follow J-Lo’s example and go with a crossbody messenger bag. She’s far from the only celebrity rocking these bags as of late, and for good reason; they’re not just good-looking, but they’re also practical!

Of course, bags aren’t the only trend she’s setting. Many of her looks are throwbacks to the 70s. This means colorful outfits, t-shirts, knitwear, and bell-bottom pants for days. This comeback style is refreshing in a sea of modern styles, and it touches on a decade many people are nostalgic for. There’s a reason it was popular then, and it’s still a great look now.

J-Lo has recently been seen wearing unconventional shoes: fishnet ballet flats. These shoes aren’t for everyone, but they’re a reminder to allow yourself to wear new and exciting things this summer.

Keeping Up With Trends with Hollywood Beauty

There are as many celebrity trends to follow as there are celebrities to set these trends, so it can be hard to know exactly who to follow when it comes to finding what to add to your wardrobe. When you follow Hollywood Beauty, however, you don’t have to worry; we know the ins and outs of celebrity fashion trends, and we incorporate them into our product line. 

While we don’t sell clothes, we do sell beauty products to keep you looking your best with a diverse product line and a commitment to natural products that really work. You could say that our selection is as unique as these fashion trends, as well as combining the same mixture of classic and modern that makes fashion and beauty alike both the dynamic industries they are. Use our products to look your best, no matter what you wear. Who knows? You may become the next trendsetter!

Everyone has a different style, and celebrities remind us of that. By keeping up with celebrity fashion trends, you will not only be able to pick a unique style that suits you the best, but you’ll know what’s in, what’s out, and what’s just on the cusp of becoming popular. Hollywood Beauty’s professionals are experts when it comes to looking good and feeling great, and we’ll continue to make products you can use to look just as great as your favorite celebrity.


What are the top celebrity fashion trends this year?

Chunky sneakers, sexy suits, messenger bags, moto jackets, and accessories are all in right now.

How does Hollywood Beauty stay updated with the latest celebrity fashion trends?

We keep an eye on every event and article. If a celebrity wears something new, we’ll know about it.

How can I incorporate celebrity fashion trends into my personal style?

There are plenty of affordable celebrity-approved fashion items you can incorporate. Just find what you like, and go from there.

How do all celebrities follow the same fashion trends?

They don’t! Every celebrity is different and has a unique style to bring to the table. 





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