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Hollywood Beauty®, based in Miami Florida, has been an innovative, trusted supplier of hair and skin products for over 30 years.  Our passion is to help improve “what is possible” for healthier hair and skin, especially for natural hair wearers and moisturized skin seekers through our proprietary blended oils, pure organic oil formulas, creams and conditioning products.  We are proud that we represent the communities we serve through our diverse executive team, workforce, and supplier network.
Dry damaged hair or dry itchy scalp? Whether you need a fungus fighter or want to prevent dry skin, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E Oil can meet your needs. Our Cocoa Butter products help to minimize blemishes, stretch marks and dry patches.
You can rely on products from Hollywood Beauty® to help you and your family maintain healthier hair and beautiful skin.  No matter what the need, we got you covered.
Find Hollywood Beauty® in major drug chains, food stores, mass merchants, and beauty supply stores worldwide. 
Mission & Values
Celebrating and Caring for You
Proven & Tested

Proven proprietary formulas, hundreds of positive consumer reviews.
#1 selling and largest variety of multi-use oils. (IRI data)
Cleaner product offerings with no sulfates, no mineral oil and no animal testing. Also, offerings with no parabens.
Innovative, yet Affordable

Over 30+ varieties of effective oil blend.
Moisturizes and hydrates your hair, scalp, skin and body with reasonably priced, multi-use products.

Meets you and your family’s unique personal care and beauty needs with better solutions.
Created by Nature
Presented by Hollywood Beauty
• Natural ingredients
• Moisture focus
• Focus on cleansing &relieving dry itchy scalp
• Strengthens and promotes healthy hairand growth.
Morgan A. Owens
Beauty Influencer/ Author of “Finding My Sparkle”, IG: @morganangeliqueowens
My curls & coils love Hollywood Beauty® ‘s Olive Deep Conditioner Cholesterol Treatment with Olive Oil drops, Olive Creme Leave In Conditioner and the Olive Oil Shine Moisturizer. This is a great system for your wash n’ go or LOC/LCO, Olive Moisture Collection. It’s my “go to” solution to get the twist or braid out you desire most. Each of the product’s stands on its own, but make sure you are Deep Conditioning each week for best results and healthier hair.
Hair Texture: Curly
Joicelyn S. and Taylor S.
Mom and Daughter, Faithful Users
Dry itchy scalp relief is easy with Tea Tree oil. It is great to use as a detangler and pre shampoo on wash day. We also have found that putting a little bit, less than a dime size, on the areas of dryness give fast, daily relief. Then, style as usual and be confident with a truly moisturized scalp and your wonderful hair style. My daughter and I really enjoy the many varieties of oils available.
Hair Texture for Mom & Daughter: Curly and Thick
Karen Oviedo
Beauty Influencer IG: @kareingcurls
My curls are so moisturized by the New Hollywood Beauty Hair Retention & Growth Leave In Conditioner and Oil. The oil is infused with Flaxseed and Chebe, and the leave in is so creamy and curl defining with an amazing “fresh” smell, too. Then, Pega’o styling gel with 2 holding power adds the right conditioning and hold to make my style last the whole week long. Try them all!
Hair Texture: Curly
Kat Flowers
Beauty Influencer IG: @katskurls
So fresh and so clean, clean. I had that phrase stuck in my head after trying Hollywood Beauty®’s Hair Retention & Growth Leave In and Growth Oil. I am in love with all Hollywood Beauty’s oils for detangling, hot oil treatments and just keeping moisture sealed in. As an engineer by training, how well these products work, the experience, the really fresh botanical smell, and how confident I am in achieving my best hair look is everything!
Hair Texture: Curly, Coily and Thick
Hair Stylist IG: @Gprotectedstyles
Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Coconut, Olive, Jojoba and Jamaican Black Castor oil - these are some of my favorite Hollywood Beauty oils for moisture retention, dry itchy scalp-Tea Tree and growth treatments. I use them for detangling for pre-shampoo or pre-poo and to seal the moisture in, for myself and my clients.

After using a great leave in conditioner, to make your styles last, you must seal the moisture in. Even with protective styles, I tell my clients to make sure they keep their scalp cleansed and hair moisturized.
Hair Texture: Coily
Clients: All
Hair Textures, All Hair Types
Beauty Enthusiast
Hollywood Beauty®’s Hollywood Pure Organic Hemp Oil is perfect for anti-breakage protection and to protect my ends. I use it daily for moisture and for heat protection.
I can’t achieve my desired style without heat, but it helps me protect my hair and ends proactively.
Hair Texture: Straight and Wavy
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