Accessibility Policy

Website Accessibility

Accessibility, diversity, and inclusion are key principles that guide the decisions we make at Hollywood Beauty®. We want everyone to be able to find, as well as use, both our websites and our natural hair and body care products.

We aspire to help anyone who needs help accessing our website to be able to do so with the aid of assistive technologies including screen readers and magnifiers, keyboard emulators, and text to speech or speech recognition software.

All pages of our websites use valid, structured HTML5 in semantic form. We use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for visual styling and offer enhanced user interaction via JavaScript.

The following is a list of features implemented to make it easier for all users to navigate our websites:

Website Layout

Text Alternatives

When images are used on the pages of our websites, a text alternative is also provided for screen readers to read for the visually impaired.

Audio & Video Content

Many pages of our websites include audio and video content.  We have included text alternatives for audio and video, including captions and transcripts, wherever possible.

Text & Background Colors

We make every effort to consider accessibility during the content creation and website design process.

Related Links

Our website page layouts are designed to be easily navigable to persons using screen readers. Semantic HTML5 with tags is used to delineate sections, headings, tables, and other features of formatting, so users can understand and effectively use the website.


Our website is optimized to function effectively using most browsers zoom functions.  This will enable users to zoom in or out on most parts of any page, as desired.

Keyboard Accessibility

Pages of our website are designed to function appropriately using only tab-based keyboards or keyboard emulators.

Browser Support

Our website has been tested on and renders properly on the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Third-Party Provided Components

Some pages of our website use third-party-provided components which we cannot control. It is our hope that these vendors also choose to provide components that are accessible to all users.

User-Generated Content

Some pages of our website contain user-generated content and images that are displayed via social media widgets. This content is outside our control and therefore may not be accessible.

Accessibility Tool

We use an accessibility tool that allows our users to make certain adjustments to the appearance of our web pages, including button text, on their displays to improve readability.  These changes include adding contrast, lightning backgrounds, changing fonts, underlining links, changing to grayscale, etc.

Additional Assistance

If you are not able to view or navigate the content on our websites or find any feature of our websites to be inaccessible to those with disabilities, please contact us here, including the words “Website Accessibility” in the subject line.  Please include a description of the accessibility concern and how you think we might improve it.

Thank you for visiting Hollywood Beauty®.

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