Why Batana Oil Is the Ultimate Glow-Up for Your Hair

Batana oil is nothing new, but its popularity has grown tremendously recently as more people are discovering this miracle oil that is not only organic and natural but works to repair damage and stimulate growth. As batana oil becomes more sought after, more products will start to incorporate the ingredient into their recipe, but for now, it remains rather hard to find.

What Is Batana Oil? 

Batana oil, also called Ojon oil and Elaeis Oleifera (the INCI name), which you will see on product ingredient labels, is an ancient beauty secret first discovered in Honduras by the indigenous Miskito (not the bug), also called the Tawira tribe, which translates to “people of beautiful hair.” Their secret to beautiful hair isn’t hard to guess–batana oil. They credit their strong, long, and shiny hair to the “miracle oil,” batana.

Batana oil is still sourced from Honduras today, where the oil is extracted from American oil palm tree nuts. They boil the fruit and pound the pulp to remove the orange outer shell. The nuts are washed, dried in the sun, and cracked with a stone to release the kernel inside. The kernels are then cooked over a fire to extract the oil. It is then poured into glass jars, where it thickens and turns into a thick paste, similar to butter.

Batana oil resembles butter more so than oil (think shea butter or cocoa butter), but batana oil benefits are unique and long-lasting. Rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and Vitamin E, many people use batana oil for skin and hair moisturizers. It can also aid in strengthening hair over time, nourishing the root and the strand, which can prevent hair loss and breakage. When hair is supple and healthy and getting the nutrients it needs to thrive, it tends to flourish and grow more fully and lively. It can also protect hair from UV rays and other harmful environmental effects.

The Nutritional Composition and Properties of Batana Oil 

Batana oil features a rich component of nutrients that contribute to its usefulness for healthy hair. No other product offers all the same nutrients and benefits in one single oil as batana does. Some of the nutrients that make up batana oil and the benefits they offer are listed below.

How Batana Oil Promotes Hair Growth 

Batana oil can be an intense scalp nourishment treatment when massaged into the scalp one to two times a week. It is excellent for treating dry scalp and dry hair. Other hair oils do not offer the nutrients and moisture without excessive oiliness.

Additionally, batana, unlike other products, can regenerate dryness at the scalp, which builds strength, prevents breakage, adds volume, and improves the overall health of your hair. All these traits of healthy hair contribute to boosting hair growth. When your scalp has the nutrients it needs to support the hair follicles and hair strands, and it gets the moisture it craves, hair follicles are more abundant and productive, and hair is fortified at the source to grow longer without breakage or split ends.

The Powerful Hair Growth Benefits of Batana Oil 

  1. Protects from UV
  2. Moisturizes Scalp
  3. Moisturizes Hair
  4. Strengthens Hair
  5. Prevents Breakage
  6. Prevents Split Ends
  7. Encourages Hair Growth
  8. Reverses Hair Loss
  9. Improves Shine
  10. Natural Conditioner
  11. Organic
  12. Natural Dye for Grays

How to Incorporate Batana Oil in Your Hair Care Routine 

To get the maximum batana oil benefits for hair, follow the tips below for how to use batana oil and different suggested methods for applying the oil for treatment, repairing hair damage, and promoting hair growth.

Use Batana Oil as a Pre-Shampoo Treatment – 

The night before you wash your hair, massage your batana oil product into your scalp and the entire length of strands, and use a conditioning bag to cover your hair. You may want to tie a scarf around your head to keep the bag in place while you sleep. Wash your hair within 24 hours as you normally would, but do not rinse out the batana oil prior to shampooing. Do this shampoo pretreatment once a week before shampooing.

Use Batana Oil as a Rinse-Out Conditioner – 

After you wash your hair, shampoo as you normally would, massaging pure batana oil into your hair and scalp. Feel free to use as much or as little as necessary to coat your entire scalp and hair. Make sure you rub the scalp well, as this promotes circulation and stimulates the hair follicles. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes, and then rinse your hair out. You can do this after every time you wash your hair, and it will replace the conditioner, so don’t put another layer of conditioner on after batana oil is rinsed out. The batana oil is all you need to condition and moisturize your hair perfectly.

Use Batana Oil as a Leave-In Hair Moisturizer – 

Mix one tablespoon of batana oil into your regular daily hair moisturizer cream or balm, or select from one of these complementary products. Spray your hair with water or use a water-based product to dampen your hair so that it’s wet when applied. You can also apply the moisturizer right out of the shower. Massage the moisturizer into your hair and scalp. You can do this one to two times a week or more often if your hair gets dry again.

The Revolution in Organic Hair Care Is Here! 

If you haven’t tried batana oil yet, it’s worth it. While it does have miraculous hair-changing abilities, it won’t replace all your other hair care products, but it will supplement them, especially if you’re trying to promote hair growth. It’s worth noting also that when added to your regular hair care regimen, batana oil can boost the beneficial properties of other products.

No other product is comparable to batana oil for hair growth and overall health; saying it’s a game changer is not an understatement. The fact that one product can offer all the benefits batana oil offers is revolutionary, and for those who’ve tried it, batana oil is changing hair care for both men and women alike who want to improve the length, growth, quality, and overall health of their hair. Not only does this impressive product moisturize, fortify, strengthen, repair, and sustain hair, as well as facilitate hair growth, but it also protects hair from harmful environmental pollutants, including UV rays.

If you like to use natural and organic products on your hair and have tried other hair growth oils, we recommend adding batana oil to your hair care routine. If you do not yet have a hair growth routine and are looking for more products for hair retention and hair growth, shop our other hair retention growth products that can be used right alongside batana oil for maximum hair growth and health effects all around.

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