3 Steps for Under Hair Care

For Wig Wearers

@morganangeliqueowens shares 3 Steps for Under Hair Care for Wig Wearers for Growth with Hollywood Pure Hemp Oil (or Hollywood Beauty Hemp Seed Oil), Coconut Oil and more. Make sure you cleanse, oil and braid hair. Ensure your hair is completely dry prior to wig wearing. Enjoy your moisture and amazing style!

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Refresh Your Curls

From Straight Hair

@kareingcurls refreshes her curls with Olive oil and Jojoba oil for better curl definition.

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Olive Moisture Collection

Natural Hair Styling

@morganangeliqueowens uses Hollywood Beauty's Olive Moisture Collection to get her curls poppin with Olive oil, Olive Deep Conditioner Cholesterol Treatment and Olive Oil Shine Moisturizer. Make this a weekly appointment to get your curls right.

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Hot Oil


@katskurls shares a wonderful moisturizing hot oil treatment with #hollywoodbeautyherooils​ using Olive oil, Vitamin E oil, Jojoba oil and JBCO oil. Doing this weekly will help your hair be healthier.


Winter Rescue Moisturizing

Hair and Skin

@katskurls Winter Rescue video showing how to use Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Oil Shine Moisturizer and Vitamin E to moisturize hair and skin. Great for the seasonal dryness that often comes with winter.


@joiajohn 3 Styles for 4C Hair with

Perfect Results Cocktails

@joiajohn shares 3 Styles for 4C Hair with Perfect Results Cocktails.
These 3 Styles include a fro hawk and hair wrap. Long Island (Castor and Jamaican Black Castor Pure Oils) and Martini (Olive and Avocado Pure Oils) are great pure oils with a touch of fragrance to style with everyday and after wash day.

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@MelissaHibbert Tips

on Hair Growth, Face Glow and Better Moisturized Hands

Tips from Beauty Expert and Make Up Artist-MUA/Groomer Melissa HIbbért on how to make hair grow, your face glow and keep your hands moisturized well (Hollywood Pure Hemp Oil for Hair Grow and massage to stimulate your scalp, Jojoba oil is great for under your make up as like natural sebum, and Tea Tree oil is nice as a sanitizer mixer with your favorite moisturizer).

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Wash & Go with

Perfect Results Cocktails

@dahabhagi Beauty Influencer makes the best Wash n' Go with Perfect Results Mudslide which has Tea Tree and Coconut Pure oils with a touch of fragrance. She also shows the multiuse oil as a great skin and body moisturizer, too.

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Vitamin E oil, Prevents Dryness &

Great Moisture Retention Power

@sharmaine369 Cosmetic Scientist Tonya S. Lane shares her expertise on Vitamin E and moisture retention.

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NAACP Image Award Grooming for Skip Marley with Melissa Hibbert

Beauty Expert and Make Up Artist

@MelissaHibbert grooms Skip Marley with Perfect Results Frozen Daiquiri for antibacterial cleansing with Tea Tree and Hemp Pure oils with a touch of fragrance. Tea Tree is great for beard grooming and to refresh. It helps with dry itchy scalp and is a fungus fighter, too.

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Twist Out


@katskurls is ensuring she gets a great twist out by using Hollywood Beauty oils to seal in the moisture for her twist out.

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Wash Your Hands

Hand Sanitizer Mixers

Tips on how to use Hollywood Beauty oils with your sanitizer for moisturizing your hands with all the watching and cleansing with sanitizer.


Info on Perfect Results Cocktails for Hair and Skin

Pure Moisture, Pure Oils Pre Mixed

Great explanation on all 6 Hollywood Beauty Perfect Results Cocktails.
They are pure moisture, premixed pure oils with a touch of fragrance.
Bahama Mama-Argan, Jojoba and Almond
Long Island-Castor and JBCO
Martini-Olive and Avocado
Frozen Daiquiri-Tea Tree & Hemp
Mudslide-Tea Tree & Coconut
Pina Colada-Coconut & Cocoa Butter

@MelissaHibbert Self Care

with Hollywood Beauty

@MelissaHibbert Beauty Expert and Make Up Artist-MUA share tips and products on how to make sure you are doing self care. Self care is not selfish.

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Self Care

@kareingcurls shares key tips for self care with Hollywood Beauty.
Self care is necessary, especially for new Moms. Don't miss out on renewing and refreshing.

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