Red-Carpet Hairstyles: Glamour at Your Fingertips

Whether you want to look like your favorite celebrity, try out some excellent hair products, or even learn a cool new batch of hair styling tips, there’s always something new to learn in the world of hairstyles and styling tips. There’s no shortage of celebrities out there to emulate, nor is there a shortage of methods to try. This is especially true when it comes to achieving red-carpet hair. 

If you want to look like your celebrity inspiration and impress all of your friends, getting the hair right is crucial. Celebrity hairstyles on the red carpet show us new ways to look good, encourage us to take care of our own hair, and inspire the hairstylist in all of us. Hollywood Beauty knows the ins and outs of red-carpet hair, and we’ll teach you them today.

History of Red-Carpet Hair

For as long as the red carpet has existed, so have many different styles of red-carpet hair. While understanding modern trends is important for achieving a trendy look, it’s also useful to look back on what came before and consider some of these styles as well.

The Golden Era

In the golden age of Hollywood, where movie stars were taking the world by storm with their talents and beauty alike, many classic hairstyles would emerge. This included elegant curls and updos, befitting the glamour looks everyone strived for. Diverse hairstyles were less common than they are today; however, they would begin to change as the years went on.

Midcentury Styles

In the mid-1900’s, the hairstyles of the red carpet continued to evolve. Following Barbara Streisand and her decision to wear a suit to the red carpet, people began to embrace more of who they were and what they wanted to wear. Cicely Tyson broke new ground by being the first black woman to embrace her naturally curly, coily hair on TV. Meanwhile, the changing decades brought their own flavor to the carpet, from the short and styled updos of the 60s to the large curls of the 70s and 80s.


Today, women pretty much wear whatever they want to the red carpet. This means a wider variety of styles, including a wider variety of hairstyles, befitting the personality of the celebrity or the theme of the ensemble. One common factor nowadays is that many of the styles are actually rather simple, favoring natural beauty over difficult and time-consuming styling processes. 

Types of Red-Carpet Hair Styles

Because there have been a seemingly endless amount of hairstyles over the years, there are multiple categories, from the iconic and classic red-carpet updos to the casual, natural celebrity hair trends of the modern day.


Updos have been a staple of the red carpet since the red carpet has been around. You can go for a classic and elegant twisted high bun, the glamorous curls, or even the fun yet beautiful wavy top bun, as seen on Scarlett Johannsen. 

Long Hair

Long hair is versatile, and in nearly any way you style it, it’s going to look good. You have your choice of a lot of beautiful looks here. Stay casual and rock the Boho waves, go glam with deep curls or waves, or keep it straight and sleek. Whatever you do, don’t forget to style it with a good hair product to keep it from getting tangled or frizzy.

Short Hair

Short hair may be less to work with, but that doesn’t mean there are fewer styles to consider. Some short hairstyles to consider include the pixie bob with fringe, natural curls and waves, or even simply changing up your parting to get a fresh new look. 


Braids are an already beautiful hairstyle that can be used in many ways for a stunning red-carpet look. Wear them down for a classic long look, tie them into an elegant top bun, or wear them up in a beehive style — a good braid will never disappoint.

Choosing the Right Red-Carpet Hairstyle

Now that you know the different styles you may want to wear the next time you go out, you’re probably figuring out what the best one to do is. That comes down to a combination of factors that make each person unique in the world of hair:

The choice is ultimately up to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get help. Hollywood Beauty offers hairstyle consultation services, along with an array of hair products, to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, no matter what style it’s in. We can help you find the best look for you and then provide you with the product to make your red-carpet hair a reality.

Hollywood Beauty’s Approach to Red-Carpet Hair

Every style has some specifics to follow, but there are some steps that are more or less universal. These include:

Then, you’ll have to maintain the style and care for your hair when the event is over. Hair can be kept in place with clips, pins and ties. Bringing hair products with you can allow you to fix it if you need to. Afterward, take everything out, give it a healthy wash, and let it relax back to your natural style. 


Can I achieve red-carpet hairstyles without professional help?

Yes! Red-carpet hairstyles don’t have to be complex — simple is trendy. With the right products, like Hollywood Beauty’s hair oils, you can achieve an elegant look.

How can I maintain my red-carpet hairstyle throughout an event?

Use lots of hairspray and pins, and consider bringing styling products with you for a touch-up.

What are some celebrities known for their red-carpet hairstyles?

Several celebrities are known for their unique red-carpet hairstyles. Some include Rihanna, Beyonce, Scarlett Johannsen, and Lupita Nyong’o.

Have Fun With Red-Carpet Hairstyles

When it comes to red-carpet hairstyles, there is no shortage of celebrities to emulate, styles to try, and tips to take advantage of. By keeping your hair healthy, keeping up with the latest trends, and working with a Hollywood Beauty consultant, you can achieve your Hollywood look in no time. 

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