Works great on my hair

This oil works great on my scalp and my hair. After I wash my hair I apply it to my scalp and ends of my hair. This oil keeps my hair very moisturized. I also like using it on my face when it gets a little dry. Sometimes I mix it with my face lotion. A little definitely goes a long way.



Nice product

This product is a portable variety of coconut oil. The consistency allows it to be easily applied to the scalp and hair. It has a pleasant smell and seems to be of normal quality. I would try it again over a longer period of time to see if it has significant strengths.



Nice hot oil treatment

I have long, thick, curly hair and used this product for a couple hot oil treatments. The smell was not overwhelming, had a slight tingle as expected with tea tree and left my scalp and hair hydrated. I wish the cap/spout had a smaller design to release less oil, it’s easy to pour out too much too quickly at once.



Skin oil

I mostly used this vitamin E oil as a skin oil on my legs and arms. It was a bit much to use in my hair while it was loose but worked well as a smoothing oil on days that pulled my hair into a bun. The scent is so mild that it is unnecessary. I normally choose products without artificial fragrance.



Hollywood Beauty Jamaican Black Castor Premium Oil

Hollywood Beauty Jamaican Black Castor Premium Oil is great on my natural 4C Hair. Its not too heavy or too greasy and I really like the shine it leaves on my from. I highly recommend this oil along with the Vitamin E and Tea Tree oils I have tried.




Love this Oil!

This oil is the perfect oil that hydrates both my skin and hair without leaving both too oily. If that makes sense. The oil helped with some scars I have on my skin; it has helped to reduce the appearance of those scars. In my hair I combine it as a deep conditioner along with other products I have. Love it and definitely recommend.



Smells great and works

I'm a big fan of coconut oil in general. I always grab coconut products. This one works really well and smells great. I love the softness you get from coconut oil and this one doesn't leave a residue like some does.




I got this for my hair since it needs so much saving. I use it every other day in the morning and at night. I have seen a difference in my hair especially that i don't have a dry scalp like i used to. I will continue to use it in hopes that my hair makes a full recovery.



A little goes a long way

This oil has been very helpful for my itchy scalp. I just massaged a little bit in after washing, and my scalp felt soothed and softer. It's also handy for many other uses. I like to add it to my foot soak, as well.



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